The state of your Life is nothing more than a Reflection of your state of Mind

Message for the ‘lonely’

We tend to wonder from time to time if we are ever going to find someone we can love, when our mystery man will appear, how much longer do we have to experience heartbreaks either from friends or families?

You may have gone through many relationships at this point that you vow to never love again. but let me ask you…do you know what ‘Love’ really is?

I want to make things clear that i am not a person who focuses on outer appearance, this is only a message. Being otakus as we are, we love reading romance, and those fictionally prince charming that prove so very difficult to find IRL that we end up wishing to find our very Prince Charming aswell. Not to forget….someone who is a total Bishie 😉
Don’t get me wrong, as many times as you tell yourself ‘Appearance doesn’t matter’ it Actually does. it WILL affect you in ways you don’t know. For example…the appearance of your clothes and style can change your whole personality. It gives an impression.

BUT, instead of searching for our hot mess of a Prince- instead of daydreaming of cuddling in the arms of a muscular man…lets RETHINK.

.. instead of focusing on outer appearance, lets find someone who can bring the BEST out of us…someone who can give the strength of our abilities to do wonders, its then that outer appearance wont matter. 
And C’mon! WE ARE good looking beings, so imagine falling for a not so good-looking person we will be giving them a fairytale story.

Life isn’t about finding love anyways. our life is worth more than that.
Stay happy during the festive season. be Cheerful because inner beauty comes within ^^



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