The state of your Life is nothing more than a Reflection of your state of Mind




I find this episode quite interesting… its OK to voice your opinions, do not fall into peer pressure…if it is something you do not stand for. STAND UP for it.

Most of the time i know we worry if we’d offend our fellow friends, if its right to agree into gossip about another person negatively, if its of WORTH your own standard as a person to degrade yourself? So in the last part of this episode of My Little Pony…Fluttershy says “You shouldnt let anypony(body) pressure you into something YOU dont think it’s right. Sometimes, you even have to tell your closest friends- No.”

And DONT WORRY. i promise you your friends wont have a reaction like Rarity in that image…..(cross fingers)

Fluttershy you so wise xP



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