The state of your Life is nothing more than a Reflection of your state of Mind

Embrace the experiences

I recently learnt that there are times when we become so dependent on people that when we lose them we feel as though we can never be that way with others. It’s a strange heartache really and it feels impossible to stop the pain. But I realize that being sad is normal and although we are troubled we must remember that OUR GOD LOVES US MORE THAN ANYBODY EVER CAN and will be there for us always. I understand that memories can be painful to look back at but we must remember them with happiness. So amazing that you were once able to make someone so happy. We must forgive those who have wronged us and try to encourage ourselves to move on. The heart is the root of sadness and when we begin to feel sad we must pray on it and talk to God and find comfort in him. We as humans are nothing alone but with God we have everything. No matter how much you are hurt don’t neglect all the people around you who care for you. Don’t feel that you are not able to open up to people anymore. Be strong because you know that you are!!! Don’t show weakness for you have a God who is strong! 🙂



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