The state of your Life is nothing more than a Reflection of your state of Mind


Good Day readers! Its Wonderland here again!! lol I guess you have noticed that there is 3 people using this blog….well its an international blog!! like a union from Fiji and Canada!! lol 

Anyways im not been posting lately because i have soo much tests 😦 and im sick *sniff snot* and the worst thing is that i have to do everything myself here! I guess that what happens if you are living alone with a pighead of a brother in a foreign country. Sometimes i think about catching the next flight back to Fiji but i know i should keep moving forward and look towards what Canada will have for me 🙂

I should keep this short because i have a test in the next hour or so….i just want to say that sometimes people will grow up and leave the “nest” LOL. And like me, they will have to do everything themselves….i know thats scary…believe me i understand but if you have the courage and faith. As a teenager, i myself cry sometimes because the stress from being away from home is too much but the two things that keep me to move on is my music and my faith in God. 

I hope my experience will relate to some of you guys out there!



Wonderland out 🙂





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