The state of your Life is nothing more than a Reflection of your state of Mind

Love or craziness?

Hello everyone! So I recently watched The Great Gatsby, yes I know I’m like a year late haha but anyway I really enjoyed that movie! At first I was just thinking what the heck is this movie about because I honestly couldn’t tell what the story was leading up to? Usually movies have an essence and this movie gave me the essence that it was an old fashioned murder case or something. I did not think it was a love story one bit! And then when Leonardo came along. And OHMYGOSH his acting was so great!!!! I must say I loved every bit of this movie. The narration, the plot, the setting! Although I dislike Daisy for what she did to Gatsby, I want to forgive her in my mind and so I am trying to think of reasons as to why she did what she did. I mean I just don’t understand. Please do comment and help me forgive Daisy by telling me why you think she turned away from Gatsby!!!!

Anyway, today was also a sad day for us since one of our close friends is leaving for NZ tomorrow! It upsets me that all those people who’ve been close to me for all these years are slowing moving far away. But I know that our friendship is of the heart and no matter how far all my friends go we will always have that special bond no matter what ya know? today my friend won a dolphin for her at the arcade haha it was so cool because it was our first ever win with the silly claw machine!!! Haha


Haha do ignore the wallet and other unnecessary things. I don’t even know what we were trying to do at this moment!!! Haha

Well it’s time for me to leave! Please do leave your comments 🙂



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