The state of your Life is nothing more than a Reflection of your state of Mind


Wonders of a Diary

Dear Otakus

WASSUP. i wil do a review on some awsome Mangas ive discovered next week, for the meantime i want to share with you a….must do before bed.

For those young Christians out there or not, having troubles maintaining your relationship with our Awsome Father in Heaven~ i like to share with you what i have been doing since the beginning of this year!

1. Download the Bible App on your phone. The version i have is NKJV and this provides the option of showing the Bible Verse of the day on your screen. If you do not have a smartphone, the internet has alot of websites where people share ‘Verse of the Day’ Here is one  <- on the right side of the website, you will be able to see the verse of the day.

2. Prepare a Diary- “I write in order to speak words hidden within”


This is my Diary ive received for my graduation gift from the school. it has come in handy! Now this Diary is not your usual diary, this is where you will be having some alone time with God.
If a diary is something you are able to express your thoughts esp if you are not good with words. This is a great start for you!
If you are able to be yourself through words. Why not try directing those feelings to God?
This is the beginning of your Bible study !

3. To make things a little fun while writing this diary, use colored pens!


These were just some cheap ones ive found at a post office. They come in 5 different colors and ya know what the best part is- they have GLITTER. so yes. every day, i change the color of the pens i use .

4. So first of all. check out the verse of the day, read it to yourself, understand it. then quote the verse in your colored pen and that is the first step.  Use a regular pen, mine is black given to me by my fellow Japanese friend i met on the 15th of Feb 🙂 i mentioned so in the other post!
After the quoting with colored pen. The regular pen is your prayer.

Actually i dont really say it in a prayer, it is more like talking to God. your love letter to Him. which in other words might as well be a prayer ;} Here is an example of one of the entries ive made:

ImageSometimes the night is tiring and my writing becomes a scribble but overall God knows exactly what you wanted to say! ^^

5. Since the NKJV is more of a …simplified version of the Bible, i like to use both the virtual Bible and the Physical one! Image

This is not simply a …write and pray kinder thing no! you must go back to the previous verse and maybe a few verses after in order to understand the one that is ‘verse of the day’. Its a StUDY. you must dedicate yourself.

It isnt a ‘i dont have time’, the question is. do you WANT to start? Take this step. you must be persistent.

At this point. it has already become a habit of mine. I like to sit down with my bible, and diary at 12am because that is the only time i get to be free. and just spend moments with God meditating on the words with some music playing in the background or earphones. with my awesome green tea in my awesome favourite cup!

Image Stay happy ^^ and Remember, God is always there, it is YOU who has to decide whether you want him in your life or not.
Let me know if you also do this! or if this has come in handy to your Spiritual life!



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