The state of your Life is nothing more than a Reflection of your state of Mind

When life gives you lemons

Hello, i couldn’t think of a better title haha so its a little random! Anyway, this blog is very short and its just for those out there who feel that they’re on a BAD LUCK SPREE because things aren’t going well 😦 My brother has been going through the same thing for the past month, and he confided in me telling me how He is such a good person to everyone (which i know he is, he always cares for others) and he questions life saying WHY ME? why is this happening to me! It really hurts me that anyone feels the need to ask that question because in life there are situations which overwhelm you. It makes you very emotional but honestly, its how you perceive these situations that really matter. I think what i am basically trying to say is you have to see the good in things! Yes for some situations it takes time, and sometimes you feel that there is no good that can ever come out of this, but the thing that keeps me going personally is GOD. I place my trust in him in every situation and even in the dumps of life, when I should feel like I might as well be dead, I know that He will redeem me, that He has a purpose for this incident. I know that there is something that I must learn from this situation! Faith is very very important and I can’t tell you how amazing it is to be able to count on The Heavenly Father! He will never abandon you, he will always always be there for you! 



I do feel saddened about my brother’s current situations but I know that when it passes, he will grow, not just mentally but spiritually also 🙂 And I truly pray for his well being! Not only for his well being, I pray for all those out there who are suffering and finding difficulty keeping their faith in God and going through any stressful situation that they will truly rely on God, tell God your worries, he is always there for you! 

Don’t ever feel that there is no hope, there is always hope, God is Hope. 



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