The state of your Life is nothing more than a Reflection of your state of Mind

Bibitty bobitty boo!

The title is random for I heard the fairy god mother from Cinderella say it all the time and it is stuck in my head!!  Lol. Anyway so I was watching Cinderella and I realize that there is so much to learn from this movie. Well the two main ones that I picked up were

1. Be kind even to those who are mean. Cinderella was always nice and had a forgiving heart. She always tried to look at the good even though her life as a maid was quite horrible.
I always try to be nice to people but I know sometimes I come off as a mean person. Yes I am trying to change though!!!

Moving on…..


Cinderella kept all these emotions inside. She never complained about how hard her life was or how she was being treated! She always tried to be joyous about life. Cinderella always had hope for a better day 🙂

It’s nice how we can learn lessons from so many things around us . I always try to learn lessons and implement them in my life!

Something else I realize from watching Cinderella is that we have to stand up for ourselves no matter what! However kind and nice we are, we must not let that be a reason for people to take advantage of us and hurt us!

So yes that is all from me today 🙂

What else do you think we can learn from Cinderella?



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