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Beauty Products

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HONG KONG 7’S FEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <- just had to mention that…

I am in search of some new beauty products, mainly a cleanser and with oily/acne skin its so troublesome to have to look after *sob
So here i am to show you some of my finds upon my research and wat i plan/hope to obtaining for myself!

Now ive tried many products before, Proactive,, Neutrogena and all that. Ive done many ‘natural’ remedies aswell such as the infamous Oatmeal treatment (Were you mix oatmeals with honey/green tea as an exploiter). Keep in mind that i have tried MANY of these home remedies. I drink alot of water and my diet is fine, not really a junk eating person either. The only thing i lack is SLEEP and that has become sth …i cant handle….

It came to a point that i got so TIRED to care for my skin anymore… whatever i was using just wasn’t workin. But recently, i finally decided to see a Dermatologist- wat took me so long?
1. I didnt have faith in my country’s dermatologist..=p

So anyway, after seeing the doctor, my skin as improved ALOT. some tabs she prescribed me to had works done from the inside of my skin instead of the outside ya knw? So i guess seein doctors arent a bad thing, they are there to help right!
THIS TIME. im goin to try ASIAN products…they are known to care alot for their beauty =)

1. The Japanese Konjac Sponge

The Japanese Konjac Sponge is a 100% natural and biodegradable cleansing sponge for the face and body. It is so gentle that you can even use it on babies. It pairs perfectly with a foaming facial cleanser for a rich lather. Konjac is naturally rich in vitamins and minerals, and is the perfect accessory for both facial and body cleansing!
There are different types with different purposes!
Read more:


Credits: google

I mean LOOK at them! Tell me why you wouldnt want to have one.

2. Shu Uemura Cleansing Oils!
Im in LOVE with oils. Not the ones naturally stored in my skin =_=

Plus. its from JAPAN BABY.
here is a review !

3. SK-II
This brand is SO EXPENSIVE. im not even gonna wish for it Dx

PLease do tell me if you know of any good cleansers or such!



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