The state of your Life is nothing more than a Reflection of your state of Mind

Hello May!

ITS MAY! The year is going by so fast. just two days ago it was April. haha get it….it literally was April two days ago….

Annnnyway. I was just having devotion and I felt like blogging a little about something quite important. I notice how many people like to make resolutions; new years resolutions, birthday resolutions, first of the month resolutions etc etc. And it’s great that some people have the motivation to stick their resolution! But there are many of us out there (me included) who stick to a resolution for a few days and as soon as we mess up once we GIVE UP!! and the crappy part is that we think “oh well, maybe I’ll try again next year”

NO NO NO NO we need to realize we aren’t perfect! We have our quirks and we mess up. We don’t always succeed but the most important thing is that WE MUST NEVER GIVE UP! You can’t expect yourself to keep moving forward without falling back a few times.  It’s like how in school we make crappy mistakes in math or something. We try to find out where we went wrong and understand our mistake and correct it!

That may have been a bad example haha but all I am saying is that sometimes people give up to easily! I know I do too but it’s a bad trait really! Think of it this way. God never gives up on us. And we’ve all been sinners in life! Why do we give up on the smallest things when the Creator never gives up on us!

I hope everyone has a great month! Happy May beautiful people and remember, Don’t give up 🙂 ….but at the same time remember not to be so hard on yourself!

Oh the picture below is just too adorable I couldn’t resist!!!!




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