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Tarzan NEW cartoon movie Trailer (2014) REVIEW


Kay that about sums everything up.

But seriously. has anyone SEEN this trailer yet?!! idk if im late but im already crying from the-

Let me show you a picture of the NEW Tarzan movie :
Image Havent seen the trailer yet? Here let me help you with this !!!!

And now look at Disney’s version of it:


Im sorry but look how BEAUTIFUL that scene is!!
Now you tell me how after comparing those images you think this new 2014 Tarzan is gonna be good ==  Here are the reasons why im not convinced of the new version:

1. Animation is TERRIBLE
2. Wait…Barbie??? where’s Jane? Why are you with Ta- *GASP
3. Why does Tarzan have the face of CARS?
4. Why is there a remake of Tarzan anyway!

I apologize really i do understand the hard work animators put-  but how can they not see themselves that it is bad!  *hysterical sob
Why would they do this to our childhood?
i will still however watch the movie when it comes out. only to cry throughout.

On the side note…i haven’t watched Tarzan in ages, and now having to be of a more mature age…is it just me or is Tarzan quite a kinky storyline xP c’mon. the love story between a savage man who knows nothing of humanity and a perfectly educated girl. Imagine the things Jane will have to teach him and him her of the jungle life. According to the continuation series called Legend of Tarzan they got married. and uh…you know what comes after marriages. Is anyone else feeling the air getting hot?
Image See what i mean.

Tarzan is a beautiful Disney movie i have to say. same goes to the other wonderful animations they made. Now go and remind yourself of Tarzan with the beautiful theme song! :  Must watch this awesome video clip.

Share me your thoughts. i demand them! Please i need to know im not alone.



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