The state of your Life is nothing more than a Reflection of your state of Mind

New Age Resolution

I’ll be 19 in 10 hours!!!! wooohoo! I came across and interesting pin on pinterest where it said to reflect on your year. So I decided to do that now since I’m leaving my 18 year old days and moving on to be 19. A year wiser…hopefully…

So ill write first about my memorable moments. The year of being 18 started with a great celebration with my amazing friends. To be honest I was still getting over someone at the time and I was not completely happy that day but thanks to my amazing friends and family I was fortunate to spend a day celebrating new beginnings, a new beginning to be me!  New relationships began and things were great. In my 18th year I had so many new experiences, so many firsts. so many great memories. EVERYDAY WAS A MEMORABLE DAY because I spent them with my friends and family. I had my fair share of crappy days but who doesn’t!!

I think one of the days I won’t ever forget is the day my friends Alice and Phina and I were sitting at McDonald’s and then they both sprung out the fact that they’re leaving for overseas to pursue further studies !! I didn’t expect such big news!! Haha we were all a little emotional, but I was so happy for them!!! Our little group of young girls were making a future and I was so glad because I realized we are all growing and everyday has been a blessing that we can spend with each other. Then we “otakus” came up with our reunion plan! and i can’t wait for that to commence!

My most painful/sad moments. Well yes I’ve had sad days but “happiness comes in the morning” 🙂 I think the saddest moment of being 18 was being told that someone has fallen out of love with you. It really hurts haha but anyway there were also days when I felt apart from my spiritual life and I felt really sad. I felt that there was distance between God and I but I knew why i had been feeling that way and I am glad that I have gotten closer to God through all these experiences. 18 had been an year of so much decision making. what to study, where to go, what to do! everything was a mess in my mind but I left everything to god. and things are working out.

The day I dropped out of Dentistry was very memorable because I was overwhelmed with emotions. I was happy because I didn’t want to be a dentist I want to be a veterinarian but at the same time I felt that my life would be a little empty and I would think  “what if things didn’t work out and I would just be an unaccomplished girl.” But I promised myself I would never ever let that happen.

Late In the year I also realized that I am quite naive and I trust people too easily. I’m too soft and I try to make everyone happy. But somewhere along the year being all these things hurt me.

Yes I think that’s about it. I’ve started tearing up looking back at the days. I am grateful to all my experiences in the year and I pray that 19 will be a good year also. I hope to grow more spiritually and I wish to become and more reliable person.

Resolutions to the new age:
-No overthinking
-Read the bible more
-Give my 100% to everything I do
-No excuses!

This blog is not well written my apologies. so many memories are running through my mind while I’m writing this haha.

Anyway thank you for reading and here is something to think about 🙂




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