The state of your Life is nothing more than a Reflection of your state of Mind


Hi there! lol i promised that i would post something today so i WILL! hehehe let seeeee…. Okay i will talk about my work. Hmm i started work two weeks ago at Tim Hortons lol. My friend Bryan said that it was sooo canadian lol. Anyways i have many co workers from different backgrounds. Also a very cute boss lol (too bad he’s married). Hmmmm my boss is a really nice person. He likes to communicate with his employees. Haha he keeps asking me to teach him Chinese.  I’m learning alot from work and it was really great to finally has something to do after school. There was is one time a customer asked for my number but i couldnt say anything cause my manager was behind me….. 😀 lol sooo embrassing!!

Sometimes it makes me wonder where am i going in my life. This was the first job i have ever had and it makes me think whether i am making the right decisions. I guess it happens to everyone but since i am a day dreamer lol ( that what my friends always say ) i think alot about and it makes me really anxious and stuff…..

Well i think its time for me to think like a adult and maybe everything will solve itself along the way. Sighhhhh …

Anyways today it is one of my best friend birthday!!! lol sooo happy for her to finally be 19. I hope that all your problems will drift away like clouds and be the most happiest person on earth!!

Okay time for some me time sooo blog soonnnnnn


Wonderland out 🙂



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