The state of your Life is nothing more than a Reflection of your state of Mind



I discovered a new band! Donkeyboy.
This song of theirs is one of my favorite and definitely needs more listeners out there!

on the night when i was grooving away i decided….oh, ill post on their FB wall being absolutely sure that they would see it – “Just wanna let you know that you Donkeyboy got a new fan! ! “
The next morning they replied “Hurray! 🙂 “ with a smiley face guys. Don’t forget the smiley face!

I was telling my bestie the news and this other friend. However. using my phone i couldn’t see the other posts from their fans. So this other friend was like ‘ don’t feel so special, they reply to most of their fan’s posts’

Right before i wrote this post i just checked it out on my laptop and…..*silently cries in a corner

I also like their song “Ambitions and Sombody’. i havnt got their whole album yet  because i wasnt so sure id like all their songs. but now listening these tracks over and over again…meh i should give their album a try!

On a side note. Wonderland is graduating today! GRATZ TO YOU! and to everyone else who is graduating SOON  ~ feel proud!



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