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Places i want to visit!

Hi everyone!! ITS WONDERLAND HERE! Apparently those two girlies of mine went to NZ without me!!! *heartbroke 😦

SOOOOO i decided to do my top 4 places that i totally want to visit!

lol okay here i goooooo……….

1.  New Orleans

Ahhhhh New Orleans….one of my top places  that i really want to go……I mean aside from having alot of alligators and stuff, i think its one of the most romantic place in the world ( in my opinion).

I think the only reason i got soo obsessed with this place is the movie Princess and the Frog lol.  I found that the society and culture there is so unique and very interesting that i bet none can every resist ever not going there. I have always wanted to try gumbo and banya *drools. UGHH I REALLY WANT TO GOOOOOOO.



2. Jejudo!

JEJUDOOOOOOOOO. The Hawaii of South Korea. Surrounded by white sandy beaches and very blue oceans 🙂 I really want to go visit there someday lol. I  always watch variety shows that go there for filming like Running Man and Return of Superman. I was astounded by the scenery and nature surrounding the island with alot of wild flowers and awesome food. I mean wow……and the houses on that island is sooo pretty! I want to buy one! lol


  Dol Hareubang  ( found almost everywhere on Jejudo)        

People said that if you touch it, it will provide protection and fertility lol.

3.  Florence

If you don’t know this place then you are a noob! lol okay Florence is the capital city of the Italian region of Tuscany and the province of Florence. It is famous of its medieval history and with alot of beautiful old buildings and statues. I watched the Contiki vids on youtube and the youtubers who went there made everything look soooo resistible. I love how they made me want to go there. Someday i will….ill just keep dreaming in the meantime 🙂



4. Walt Disney!

hahahah yes im still a child a heart 😀 I mean who wouldnt want to go to DISNEY WORLD! I would want to gooooo lol Yes i will do that next year since im in Canada anyway 🙂

Disney World is the best amusement park with my favorite disney characters like Mickey Mouse. I totally want to visit the rides there like the Pirate of the Caribbean ride! I wish to go there and fulfill my childhood dream and have a awesome time there!

 Magic Kingdom! 



SO that its for my top 4 places to visit! I truly believe that one of these days i will go visit one of them before i go old!

A message to my two girlies! DON’T FORGET MY SOUVENIR FROM NEW ZEALAND!


Wonderland out!!!


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