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Another Last Minute DIY Christmas Gift – Distance Mugs

Its Chirstmas soon!! Here is one idea I have in mind to post for one of my dearest friend over the seas 😀

True Whit

Want another wallet-friendly DIY gift idea like these cool coasters? Well, here you go!


This week I got together with Emily, one of my closest friend I met years ago through work. When tax accounting had lost its luster (hard to imagine…), Emily decided to go back to school to be a physician’s assistant. I was and still am so proud of her bravery, but very sad that her decision meant a move from Ohio to Arkansas. I was used to seeing this girl every Friday morning for our weekly coffee dates, so I miss her tremendously.

I wanted to get Emily a Christmas present that was unique, fun and sweet – just like her. I was trolling around on Etsy, searching through “long distance friends” gifts when I ran across these mugs.

State or Country Heart Mugs-Going Away Present, Going Away Gift, Moving Away, Long Distance Relationship, Adoption- Customize

Perfect gift for my coffee pal! But yikes – $30.00?! Uh, Em, I love you…

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Places i want to visit!

Hi everyone!! ITS WONDERLAND HERE! Apparently those two girlies of mine went to NZ without me!!! *heartbroke 😦

SOOOOO i decided to do my top 4 places that i totally want to visit!

lol okay here i goooooo……….

1.  New Orleans

Ahhhhh New Orleans….one of my top places  that i really want to go……I mean aside from having alot of alligators and stuff, i think its one of the most romantic place in the world ( in my opinion).

I think the only reason i got soo obsessed with this place is the movie Princess and the Frog lol.  I found that the society and culture there is so unique and very interesting that i bet none can every resist ever not going there. I have always wanted to try gumbo and banya *drools. UGHH I REALLY WANT TO GOOOOOOO.



2. Jejudo!

JEJUDOOOOOOOOO. The Hawaii of South Korea. Surrounded by white sandy beaches and very blue oceans 🙂 I really want to go visit there someday lol. I  always watch variety shows that go there for filming like Running Man and Return of Superman. I was astounded by the scenery and nature surrounding the island with alot of wild flowers and awesome food. I mean wow……and the houses on that island is sooo pretty! I want to buy one! lol


  Dol Hareubang  ( found almost everywhere on Jejudo)        

People said that if you touch it, it will provide protection and fertility lol.

3.  Florence

If you don’t know this place then you are a noob! lol okay Florence is the capital city of the Italian region of Tuscany and the province of Florence. It is famous of its medieval history and with alot of beautiful old buildings and statues. I watched the Contiki vids on youtube and the youtubers who went there made everything look soooo resistible. I love how they made me want to go there. Someday i will….ill just keep dreaming in the meantime 🙂



4. Walt Disney!

hahahah yes im still a child a heart 😀 I mean who wouldnt want to go to DISNEY WORLD! I would want to gooooo lol Yes i will do that next year since im in Canada anyway 🙂

Disney World is the best amusement park with my favorite disney characters like Mickey Mouse. I totally want to visit the rides there like the Pirate of the Caribbean ride! I wish to go there and fulfill my childhood dream and have a awesome time there!

 Magic Kingdom! 



SO that its for my top 4 places to visit! I truly believe that one of these days i will go visit one of them before i go old!

A message to my two girlies! DON’T FORGET MY SOUVENIR FROM NEW ZEALAND!


Wonderland out!!!


MORNING fellow bloggers!

Just a quick update that Sonbon and i are currently in NZ.
We hope to update blog soon with our experience but atm i am i not able to access the internet often to post pics i have on my camera ;D

So far the experience is wonderful getting to view the fields of this beautiful landscapes and the city which is very different from home 🙂

So here is a message to WONDERLAND. Why arent you updating our blog while we are away!!!!!!!

Thank you once again for following us . We hope to share with you our journey soon!


Cry for Help, Helpful Hand

There is a Facebook page under the name of Lehanan Aida Artwork. I follow her as an inspiration but i do have to tell you there are some rated art there mostly centered around Yaoi ;D  But not aaaalll

Lehanan’s FB page

Nothing too exposed so surely you will enjoy the art aswell!
In one of the latest post the person shares her friend’s heart breaking story for her need of our help. So please do take a look at what she has to share, and i know there will be a helping hand our here in this family through the internet :}  

JustSyl -Deviant Art    




Hiking up Mount Korobaba!

Hello fellow bloggers and readers 🙂 Today my friends and I hiked up a mountain called mount Korobaba which is the highest peak in Suva, Fiji. It was a great experience so I decided to share it with you all 🙂

So initially we invited 30 friends to join us on our adventurous hike but in the end there were only around 9 of us haha but it was a nicer to have a smaller group I suppose 🙂 We kept trying to find the entrance on where to start our hike but we were so clueless half the time! We eventually did find our way to the beginning of the trail and set off on our journey!

At first it was muddy……not just muddy guys, like SUPER MUDDY haha and that’s when we all realized…oh crap we’re in this for real now alright! We were already tired just walking up the first set of hilly lands. We took numerous breaks because we obviously lacked stamina and at some point we felt like giving up but to be honest I’m glad we didn’t because when we finally did reach the top. It felt as though we had achieved a breakthrough! The view was breathtaking and I could not even begin to comprehend how far and high we had come!

The hardest part of the hike was the journey to the top but when we made it, it felt as though all those sore muscles and scratched knees were worth it. And how precious is it that it can be a life lesson also, “all our stuggles will be worth it in the end”. It felt great to step out of my comfort zone and experience such a wonderful thing. Here is a picture of our view from the top of the mountain


Nature is just so amazing! my muscles are hurting at the moment and I’m going  to fall fast asleep soon after this blog haha.

I hope all your days are going well. If you are ever visiting Fiji don’t forget to hike up this mountain
It will definitely be worth it! It took us around 2 hours to climb up and another 2 hours to get back down. If you are planning on going hiking, the number one essential would be footwear! Make sure it’s closed and comfortable! I cannot stress this enough!!! my feet have blisters and they hurt haha so please do wear appropriate footwear and also stock up on water! lol we ran out of water on the way down and everyone was just thirsty…until one of our friends had a bottle in her bag this whole time!!!! LIKE, WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL US EARLIER! haha

Well that’s all about my day,I’m going to head off to bed! Goodnight 🙂


My Romance Life


Hahaha anyways today im going to blog about something personal. Yes its very personal and some of you might think that im super weird posting about it. Don’t judge me okay! Haha okay here it is…….I have never had a……..*whispers boyfriend. There i said it! Go ahead and laugh all you want! I ain’t ashamed of it so poteeeeeeeeeee :P. Its not that i don’t want one, its just that finding that special someone can take years….Not that i am complaining but i am envious of those who are in relationships. lol Like omg teenagers here are way mature. All those tatts and piercing *mind blowing and all those cute guys….*drools Okay im going off topic here.

I truly believe that i will find that special someone but the thing is that when guys are way to nice to me and sometimes i get very conscious of them and and over think ALOT. Maybe because i am a noob at this kind of stuff…..But that feeling gets replaced by Abba. One of my friends back at home said to me one day that you don’t have to have a boyfriend to be loved, you are already loved. I was soo happy when she said that *teary

I don’t know why but sometimes i feel like the way i am is my parents influence. Not that i blame them or anything, i guess they are way too overprotective of me. But now that i am living alone, my mum has given me approval to have a boyfriend. BAM! just like that she said that out of no where. I was like ehhhhhhhhhhhh. She also said that i must get married before 30! 30 i tell you!!! This is not the old age mom!! 

Sighhhhhhhhh lol now the romance i get is off reading manga #otaku4life. lol 

I’m positive that out there, there’s gona be somebody for everyone including me. SO to those who are insecure about romances, don’t rush and enjoy life and all the fruits it throws at you….lol

Sorry for writing my rants out here.  😦



It made me feel better 🙂


Wonderland out 😀





  Image     hahaha best couple ever!!!