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Pinterest all the way

Good day everyone ūüôā

First of all, I’d like to thank all those new followers of our blogs ūüôā Thank you so much for following us! We hope to post more exciting things for you lovely people!
Today I will talk about one of my most visited websites which is *drum roll please* PINTEREST! ( Pinterest is an amazing website from my viewpoint. Basically it ¬†is a place where¬†you can find everything from food recipes to science to DIY creations! I especially became a “Pinterest-a-holic” when i started discovering the DIY projects. There are so many creative ideas out there, and it’s great to be able to find everything all in one place!! The fun thing about pinterest is also the fact that you can “pin” things that strike your attention and read them later. I love to pin creative DIY ideas and ideas for my future dream home and i can always come back to my pinterest website in the future to check them all out :3

There are many great articles, for instance “how to create a great resume” etc etc. People can also promote their websites and businesses on Pinterest! This is my pinterest board ¬†
I hope to get more followers ;D yes dear readers, I am hinting that you follow me ūüôā


My pinterest page

Other interests to browse

Other interests to browse

Anyway, i do hope you all check out Pinterest and get your creative juices flowing and pin away! ūüôā




I discovered a new band! Donkeyboy.
This song of theirs is one of my favorite and definitely needs more listeners out there!

on the night when i was grooving away i decided….oh, ill post on their FB wall being absolutely sure that they would see it – “Just wanna let you know that you Donkeyboy got a new fan! ! “
The next morning they replied “Hurray! ūüôā “ with a smiley face guys. Don’t forget the smiley face!

I was telling my bestie the news and this other friend. However. using my phone i couldn’t see the other posts from their fans. So this other friend was like ‘ don’t feel so special, they reply to most of their fan’s posts’

Right before i wrote this post i just checked it out on my laptop and…..*silently cries in a corner

I also like their song “Ambitions and Sombody’. i havnt got their whole album yet¬† because i wasnt so sure id like all their songs. but now listening these tracks over and over again…meh i should give their album a try!

On a side note. Wonderland is graduating today! GRATZ TO YOU! and to everyone else who is graduating SOON  ~ feel proud!


My Warcraft Story

I could make a new youtube channel just me rambling on about my WoW experience.
Not only is it a game, it is my inspiration in my artwork aswell!


World of Warcraft¬†(WoW) is a¬†massively multiplayer online role-playing game¬†(MMORPG) created in 2004 by¬†Blizzard Entertainment. It is the fourth released game set in the fantasy¬†Warcraft¬†universe, which was first introduced by¬†Warcraft: Orcs & Humans¬†in 1994.[5]World of Warcraft¬†takes place within the¬†Warcraft¬†world of¬†Azeroth, approximately four years after the events at the conclusion of Blizzard’s previous¬†Warcraft¬†release,¬†Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.[6]¬†Blizzard Entertainment announced¬†World of Warcraft¬†on September 2, 2001.[7]¬†The game was released on November 23, 2004, on the 10th anniversary of the¬†Warcraft¬†franchise.

With over seven million subscribers as of March 2014,[12]¬†World of Warcraft¬†is currently the world’s most-subscribed¬†MMORPG,[9][13]and holds the¬†Guinness World Record¬†for the most popular MMORPG by subscribers.

In my 6th grade, this was the period where i was drawn into the virtual world of this very addictive game. Swallowed up by the contents and wooed over by the beautiful wonders displayed on a simple screen. Unreachable – isn’t that what many have found addictive? reaching for something dawn as impossible.

This was the moment of my life where things had fallen apart, i guess such a thing as the ‘Adolescent stage’. But my case was a little different than the typical rebellious teen. That however is total different story so lets stick to the topic shall we? =p

WoW was not simply ‘just a game’ to me. This was the place where i met ALOT of new and wonderful people. There was this time when i was taking my toon outside the main city of¬†the Hordes. There was a crowd gathered and being it mysterious i stuck around trying to find out what it was about. As other outisders joined me one of them asked, “hey guys, what is happening?”¬†
It was a funeral gathering.
Someone had passed away a few days ago and as friends in the virtual world they gathered around in his honour. These strangers connected through the net whether they knew him personally or not was not the point. They knew him. and they were actually holding a memorial gathering. Even his parents were there. Think it silly or not that is your choice.

It was fun back then making so many friends who come from all over the world. But of course time did not remain still for us, we all had ‘life’ to carry¬†on and slowly my friends stopped coming online.
I remembered one of my closest buddy logged on¬†after a very long time and i was like , “Heeeeeeeeey dude! where have you been!?”¬†But apparently he was not in a good mood…something about him deciding which University…yop. that stage he was in. Then he went on about how he has been, and how he wouldn’t be able to continue playing because of the busy schedule. That was the last day we ever spoke to each other :} it was nice knowing you !

Currently the game isnt what it was like before. It has gone too easy and there is no challenge. Most of the people you come across dont work up a conversation anymore, they rather play the game for the sake of it and not for the fun. BUT! in this guild im currently in, (yes i stil play. I have stopped after a VERY long time but im baaack! and hopefully not for long ;] ) i was reading the conversation in my guild and this one guy is about to head off to train in the army! I had to JI and i wished him the very best!

There is only one person left who i still keep in contact with! It was his birthday a day before and its truly wonderful how we are still friends ^^ Besides the addictiveness back then, it was great meeting everyone in this…virtual world. But we are very much real behind those screens ;D

Warcraft has very good novels aswell! The one i would recommend to any person new to the Warcraft world is :
An extremely emotional story just beware!
The one i am currently reading is one of the latest. Let me quote you this heart wrenching part :

“…Please, go and find Rhonin and bring him here. Between the two of us, he and I just might be able to keep a portal open despite this nullifying field”. They nodded and raced off.

Jaina turned back to Kelecgos. “Where is it?”
“I cant pinpoint ¬†it. But its coming. i have to find it. If the Horde is using it as a weapon…” He¬†couldn’t¬†bear to speak it. He¬†wanted more than anything to pull Jaina into his arms and kiss her, but he refused to let himself.

He refused to kiss her good-bye.

This wasnt as heart wrenching as this other part! which i would love to quote but that…you will have to read for yourself

Do YOU play? lets meet in-game!



Hi there! lol i promised that i would post something today so i WILL! hehehe let seeeee…. Okay i will talk about my work. Hmm i started work two weeks ago at Tim Hortons lol. My friend Bryan said that it was sooo canadian lol. Anyways i have many co workers from different backgrounds. Also a very cute boss lol (too bad he’s married). Hmmmm my boss is a really nice person. He likes to communicate with his employees. Haha he keeps asking me to teach him Chinese. ¬†I’m learning alot from work and it was really great to finally has something to do after school. There was is one time a customer asked for my number but i couldnt say anything cause my manager was behind me….. ūüėÄ lol sooo embrassing!!

Sometimes it makes me wonder where am i going in my life. This was the first job i have ever had and it makes me think whether i am making the right decisions. I guess it happens to everyone but since i am a day dreamer lol ( that what my friends always say ) i think alot about and it makes me really anxious and stuff…..

Well i think its time for me to think like a adult and maybe everything will solve itself along the way. Sighhhhh …

Anyways today it is one of my best friend birthday!!! lol sooo happy for her to finally be 19. I hope that all your problems will drift away like clouds and be the most happiest person on earth!!

Okay time for some me time sooo blog soonnnnnn


Wonderland out ūüôā


New Age Resolution

I’ll be 19 in 10 hours!!!! wooohoo! I came across and interesting pin on pinterest where it said to reflect on your year. So I decided to do that now since I’m leaving my 18 year old days and moving on to be 19. A year wiser…hopefully…

So ill write first about my memorable moments. The year of being 18 started with a great celebration with my amazing friends. To be honest I was still getting over someone at the time and I was not completely happy that day but thanks to my amazing friends and family I was fortunate to spend a day celebrating new beginnings, a new beginning to be me!  New relationships began and things were great. In my 18th year I had so many new experiences, so many firsts. so many great memories. EVERYDAY WAS A MEMORABLE DAY because I spent them with my friends and family. I had my fair share of crappy days but who doesn’t!!

I think one of the days I won’t ever forget is the day my friends Alice and Phina and I were sitting at McDonald’s and then they both sprung out the fact that they’re leaving for overseas to pursue further studies !! I didn’t expect such big news!! Haha we were all a little emotional, but I was so happy for them!!! Our little group of young girls were making a future and I was so glad because I realized we are all growing and everyday has been a blessing that we can spend with each other. Then we “otakus” came up with our reunion plan! and i can’t wait for that to commence!

My most painful/sad moments. Well yes I’ve had sad days but “happiness comes in the morning” ūüôā I think the saddest moment of being 18 was being told that someone has fallen out of love with you. It really hurts haha but anyway there were also days when I felt apart from my spiritual life and I felt really sad. I felt that there was distance between God and I but I knew why i had been feeling that way and I am glad that I have gotten closer to God through all these experiences. 18 had been an year of so much decision making. what to study, where to go, what to do! everything was a mess in my mind but I left everything to god. and things are working out.

The day I dropped out of Dentistry was very memorable because I was overwhelmed with emotions. I was happy because I didn’t want to be a dentist I want to be a veterinarian but at the same time I felt that my life would be a little empty and I would think  “what if things didn’t work out and I would just be an unaccomplished girl.” But I promised myself I would never ever let that happen.

Late In the year I also realized that I am quite naive and I trust people too easily. I’m too soft and I try to make everyone happy. But somewhere along the year being all these things hurt me.

Yes I think that’s about it. I’ve started tearing up looking back at the days. I am grateful to all my experiences in the year and I pray that 19 will be a good year also. I hope to grow more spiritually and I wish to become and more reliable person.

Resolutions to the new age:
-No overthinking
-Read the bible more
-Give my 100% to everything I do
-No excuses!

This blog is not well written my apologies. so many memories are running through my mind while I’m writing this haha.

Anyway thank you for reading and here is something to think about ūüôā



Photos Of This Husky Raised As A Cat Are Exactly What You Need Right Now

Omg. the photos of his puppy state TOO CUTE!

Thought Catalog

Reddit user DONG_OF_JUSTICE shows us Tally, a husky mix raised by cats. All credits go to DONG_OF_JUSTICE for uploading these fantastically adorable photos to Imgur.

She likes to hide in boxes and peek out at you!

Credit: DONG_OF_JUSTICE /  Imgur Credit: DONG_OF_JUSTICE / Imgur

Credit: DONG_OF_JUSTICE /  Imgur Credit: DONG_OF_JUSTICE / Imgur


She ended up staying in there for awhile until we went to do something else, at which point she promptly followed to stay in on the action. Credit: DONG_OF_JUSTICE /  Imgur She ended up staying in there for awhile until we went to do something else, at which point she promptly followed to stay in on the action.
Credit: DONG_OF_JUSTICE / Imgur

She’s also very quiet, like a cat!

Forgot to mention that she's almost completely mute. She likes to lie there, observing people and silently judging them all day. Credit: DONG_OF_JUSTICE /  Imgur Forgot to mention that she’s almost completely mute. She likes to lie there, observing people and silently judging them all day.
Credit: DONG_OF_JUSTICE / Imgur

And pretty sneaky too…

She's not allowed to go upstairs, but she'll try to sneak up one stair at a time. You can usually tell how badly she wants you to come downstairs by how far she's gone up the stairs. This is about 3/10 urgency. Credit: DONG_OF_JUSTICE /  Imgur She’s not allowed to go upstairs, but she’ll try to sneak up one stair at a time. You can usually tell how badly she wants you to come downstairs by how far she’s gone up the…

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Tarzan NEW cartoon movie Trailer (2014) REVIEW


Kay that about sums everything up.

But seriously. has anyone SEEN this trailer yet?!! idk if im late but im already crying from the-

Let me show you a picture of the NEW Tarzan movie :
Image Havent seen the trailer yet? Here let me help you with this !!!!

And now look at Disney’s version of it:


Im sorry but look how BEAUTIFUL that scene is!!
Now you tell me how after comparing those images you think this new 2014 Tarzan is gonna be good ==  Here are the reasons why im not convinced of the new version:

1. Animation is TERRIBLE
2.¬†Wait…Barbie??? where’s Jane? Why are you with Ta- *GASP
3. Why does Tarzan have the face of CARS?
4. Why is there a remake of Tarzan anyway!

I apologize really i do understand the hard work animators put-  but how can they not see themselves that it is bad!  *hysterical sob
Why would they do this to our childhood?
i will still however watch the movie when it comes out. only to cry throughout.

On the side note…i haven’t watched Tarzan in ages, and now having to be of a more mature age…is it just me or is Tarzan quite a kinky storyline xP c’mon. the love story between a savage man who knows nothing of humanity and a perfectly educated girl. Imagine the things Jane will have to teach him and him her of the jungle life. According to the continuation series called¬†Legend of Tarzan they got married. and uh…you know what comes after marriages. Is anyone else feeling the air getting hot?
Image See what i mean.

Tarzan is a beautiful Disney movie i have to say. same goes to the other wonderful animations they made. Now go and remind yourself of Tarzan with the beautiful theme song! :  Must watch this awesome video clip.

Share me your thoughts. i demand them! Please i need to know im not alone.