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My Romance Life


Hahaha anyways today im going to blog about something personal. Yes its very personal and some of you might think that im super weird posting about it. Don’t judge me okay! Haha okay here it is…….I have never had a……..*whispers boyfriend. There i said it! Go ahead and laugh all you want! I ain’t ashamed of it so poteeeeeeeeeee :P. Its not that i don’t want one, its just that finding that special someone can take years….Not that i am complaining but i am envious of those who are in relationships. lol Like omg teenagers here are way mature. All those tatts and piercing *mind blowing and all those cute guys….*drools Okay im going off topic here.

I truly believe that i will find that special someone but the thing is that when guys are way to nice to me and sometimes i get very conscious of them and and over think ALOT. Maybe because i am a noob at this kind of stuff…..But that feeling gets replaced by Abba. One of my friends back at home said to me one day that you don’t have to have a boyfriend to be loved, you are already loved. I was soo happy when she said that *teary

I don’t know why but sometimes i feel like the way i am is my parents influence. Not that i blame them or anything, i guess they are way too overprotective of me. But now that i am living alone, my mum has given me approval to have a boyfriend. BAM! just like that she said that out of no where. I was like ehhhhhhhhhhhh. She also said that i must get married before 30! 30 i tell you!!! This is not the old age mom!! 

Sighhhhhhhhh lol now the romance i get is off reading manga #otaku4life. lol 

I’m positive that out there, there’s gona be somebody for everyone including me. SO to those who are insecure about romances, don’t rush and enjoy life and all the fruits it throws at you….lol

Sorry for writing my rants out here.  😦



It made me feel better 🙂


Wonderland out 😀





  Image     hahaha best couple ever!!! 




……what have i done to my life.

Addiction – the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity.

Otaku– (in Japan) a young person who is obsessed with computers or particular aspects of popular culture to the detriment of their social skills.

I have fallen terribly ill this week and upon doing so all ive been doing is lying like a log on the bed/couch. feeling like…what is the meaning of this sickness?!????????

So anyway. I just finished watching the anime – Binbougami Ga! Which is an AWSOME anime. it was exceptionally short aswell and perfect for those who do not want to start a looong series having to follow up on but at the same time something very entertaining to just have some relaxing moments as you have your meal or such in my case- as i lay around being hopeless.

This is an anime full of action and humour. the animation itself is wonderful as expected of Sunrise co that held Code Geass aswell!
Look how badass these females look already ;p
Basically its about a perfect girl who has too much fortune on her side (Sakura- pictured on the left). The ‘god of misfortune’ (Binbougami- right) is out on a duty to collect those good fortunes and give to the many unfortunate. There is drama mixed in there aswell as they go in depths to Sakura’s past and how females in her class dont like her.

Thats the review for that anime- RECOMMENDED. If you are however interested in continuing the manga after the anime yourself (12 eps only!) the anime ends at chapter…16/17 so i hear. is the usual place i go to.
on the side notes…………….for some unknown craving i downloaded Harvest Moon. i can literally hear the cry of my soul echoing through the walls of my otaku cage within my heart!!!! WHY DO I DO THIS.

Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns- The two towns, Bluebell and Konohona, were once friendly neighbors separated by a mountain. There was a tunnel that connected the two towns together but it was destroyed by the Harvest Goddess. The goddess had been angered because the two towns started arguing about which towns’ cuisine was better. Now that the tunnel is destroyed, the towns have stopped communicating with each other. The only interaction between the two towns is their cooking festival, which is used to determine which town has the best cuisine. The player’s job is to help mediate between the two towns and get them to be on friendly terms with each other again

Here is the link to dl which i found surprisingly easy! YES BRING YOUR OTAKU SOUL TO ME.
to dl the rom ->

Right under the ad there is a ‘download’ link. simply click on that and scan! allow the program to make changes and unzip then. you have to download an emulator aswell. ->

Image    Image

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