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Hiking up Mount Korobaba!

Hello fellow bloggers and readers πŸ™‚ Today my friends and I hiked up a mountain called mount Korobaba which is the highest peak in Suva, Fiji. It was a great experience so I decided to share it with you all πŸ™‚

So initially we invited 30 friends to join us on our adventurous hike but in the end there were only around 9 of us haha but it was a nicer to have a smaller group I suppose πŸ™‚ We kept trying to find the entrance on where to start our hike but we were so clueless half the time! We eventually did find our way to the beginning of the trail and set off on our journey!

At first it was muddy……not just muddy guys, like SUPER MUDDY haha and that’s when we all realized…oh crap we’re in this for real now alright! We were already tired just walking up the first set of hilly lands. We took numerous breaks because we obviously lacked stamina and at some point we felt like giving up but to be honest I’m glad we didn’t because when we finally did reach the top. It felt as though we had achieved a breakthrough! The view was breathtaking and I could not even begin to comprehend how far and high we had come!

The hardest part of the hike was the journey to the top but when we made it, it felt as though all those sore muscles and scratched knees were worth it. And how precious is it that it can be a life lesson also, “all our stuggles will be worth it in the end”. It felt great to step out of my comfort zone and experience such a wonderful thing. Here is a picture of our view from the top of the mountain


Nature is just so amazing! my muscles are hurting at the moment and I’m goingΒ  to fall fast asleep soon after this blog haha.

I hope all your days are going well. If you are ever visiting Fiji don’t forget to hike up this mountain
It will definitely be worth it! It took us around 2 hours to climb up and another 2 hours to get back down. If you are planning on going hiking, the number one essential would be footwear! Make sure it’s closed and comfortable! I cannot stress this enough!!! my feet have blisters and they hurt haha so please do wear appropriate footwear and also stock up on water! lol we ran out of water on the way down and everyone was just thirsty…until one of our friends had a bottle in her bag this whole time!!!! LIKE, WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL US EARLIER! haha

Well that’s all about my day,I’m going to head off to bed! Goodnight πŸ™‚



Life In Canada

Hi People!!! lol My name is Alice.This is my first post of the year in this blog!! Anyways last year, around August, i left my beautiful home, Fiji to go study in Canada. At first, i was sooo excited to go to another country but i know that deep down in my heart, i will miss my friends and my parents ( i still do). My last day in Fiji was the day after Michelle’s (best friend) birthday. I was happy that i get to spent her birthday before i left. So on my last day, i get to meet up with some old and new friends and i was soo happy. I know that im a kind of girl that get emotional alot but i after i said good bye to Phina and Michelle, i cried on the bus back home. I was so sad that i know that i might never see them again for a long time….So i prayed to God to help me get through this pain of missing my parents and friends. So on the night before i left Suva….i said goodbye to my life in Fiji. Even though i was sad but i know that some day i will come back and visit :). On August 16th, i arrived in Canada with my mum and my brother. The first couple days was pretty hard for me and my mum because of finding apartment to stay and alot there wasnt any relatives that can help us get settled in. But the college that im attending currently helped us alot so im grateful to them. After that, the day that my mum was getting ready to go back to Fiji. I couldnt face her because i know as soon as i say good bye, i would start crying and she will do the same. So my mum left without me saying goodbye :(. The day she left, i prayed to God to be with her all way til she gets home safely. I was so sad and homesick that i would think about all the times i had fun back at home.

Soon came the day i get to attend school, the instructors was nice and i liked my courses but the hard thing was that i didnt get to make any new friends. I would feel alone and sad alot. But i know that God is always with me so i didnt let any thing get me down. But soon after, i guess i can call them friends but we don’t hang out alot….mostly because they know each other for a long time so i kinda felt left out most of the time.

Until now i would get happy and sad sometimes but with God in my life i know that i can get through anything and im happy that i get to experience this wonderful new life here in Canada. πŸ˜€

So thats it for my blog!!!! SEE YAAAAA

Wonderland out πŸ™‚