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MORNING fellow bloggers!

Just a quick update that Sonbon and i are currently in NZ.
We hope to update blog soon with our experience but atm i am i not able to access the internet often to post pics i have on my camera ;D

So far the experience is wonderful getting to view the fields of this beautiful landscapes and the city which is very different from home 🙂

So here is a message to WONDERLAND. Why arent you updating our blog while we are away!!!!!!!

Thank you once again for following us . We hope to share with you our journey soon!



The Proposal

Help of 90friends


I came across this on FB which one of my awsomest friend linked me to, you MUST check it out. Like seriously. Please do.

Not only is it a marriage proposal. But the lengths he took to make it so magical!

One other most intriguing thing about this is that the guy had asked 90 (yes 90!) Of her friends to bring this to life. Which comes to my next point. FRIENDS ARE THE BEST.

Of course, we may have bad experiences on the way to determine whom we can call as ‘friends’. But just remember this- be original. Be yourself. Stick to that and your true friends will come along in life. You do not have to change yourself for anyone. NEVER.

I know keeping this principle in mind is hard as you walk along your path, esp in this sinful world…but please I beg you…please dont ever lose track of what your goal is. You are much more worth than you think you are. You are a TREASURE. And that is your choice to become your own leader.
Meanwhile I got carried away…so yes CHECK THE LINK OUT NOW!!!!!


Life In Canada

Hi People!!! lol My name is Alice.This is my first post of the year in this blog!! Anyways last year, around August, i left my beautiful home, Fiji to go study in Canada. At first, i was sooo excited to go to another country but i know that deep down in my heart, i will miss my friends and my parents ( i still do). My last day in Fiji was the day after Michelle’s (best friend) birthday. I was happy that i get to spent her birthday before i left. So on my last day, i get to meet up with some old and new friends and i was soo happy. I know that im a kind of girl that get emotional alot but i after i said good bye to Phina and Michelle, i cried on the bus back home. I was so sad that i know that i might never see them again for a long time….So i prayed to God to help me get through this pain of missing my parents and friends. So on the night before i left Suva….i said goodbye to my life in Fiji. Even though i was sad but i know that some day i will come back and visit :). On August 16th, i arrived in Canada with my mum and my brother. The first couple days was pretty hard for me and my mum because of finding apartment to stay and alot there wasnt any relatives that can help us get settled in. But the college that im attending currently helped us alot so im grateful to them. After that, the day that my mum was getting ready to go back to Fiji. I couldnt face her because i know as soon as i say good bye, i would start crying and she will do the same. So my mum left without me saying goodbye :(. The day she left, i prayed to God to be with her all way til she gets home safely. I was so sad and homesick that i would think about all the times i had fun back at home.

Soon came the day i get to attend school, the instructors was nice and i liked my courses but the hard thing was that i didnt get to make any new friends. I would feel alone and sad alot. But i know that God is always with me so i didnt let any thing get me down. But soon after, i guess i can call them friends but we don’t hang out alot….mostly because they know each other for a long time so i kinda felt left out most of the time.

Until now i would get happy and sad sometimes but with God in my life i know that i can get through anything and im happy that i get to experience this wonderful new life here in Canada. 😀

So thats it for my blog!!!! SEE YAAAAA

Wonderland out 🙂

Embrace the experiences

I recently learnt that there are times when we become so dependent on people that when we lose them we feel as though we can never be that way with others. It’s a strange heartache really and it feels impossible to stop the pain. But I realize that being sad is normal and although we are troubled we must remember that OUR GOD LOVES US MORE THAN ANYBODY EVER CAN and will be there for us always. I understand that memories can be painful to look back at but we must remember them with happiness. So amazing that you were once able to make someone so happy. We must forgive those who have wronged us and try to encourage ourselves to move on. The heart is the root of sadness and when we begin to feel sad we must pray on it and talk to God and find comfort in him. We as humans are nothing alone but with God we have everything. No matter how much you are hurt don’t neglect all the people around you who care for you. Don’t feel that you are not able to open up to people anymore. Be strong because you know that you are!!! Don’t show weakness for you have a God who is strong! 🙂