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My Romance Life


Hahaha anyways today im going to blog about something personal. Yes its very personal and some of you might think that im super weird posting about it. Don’t judge me okay! Haha okay here it is…….I have never had a……..*whispers boyfriend. There i said it! Go ahead and laugh all you want! I ain’t ashamed of it so poteeeeeeeeeee :P. Its not that i don’t want one, its just that finding that special someone can take years….Not that i am complaining but i am envious of those who are in relationships. lol Like omg teenagers here are way mature. All those tatts and piercing *mind blowing and all those cute guys….*drools Okay im going off topic here.

I truly believe that i will find that special someone but the thing is that when guys are way to nice to me and sometimes i get very conscious of them and and over think ALOT. Maybe because i am a noob at this kind of stuff…..But that feeling gets replaced by Abba. One of my friends back at home said to me one day that you don’t have to have a boyfriend to be loved, you are already loved. I was soo happy when she said that *teary

I don’t know why but sometimes i feel like the way i am is my parents influence. Not that i blame them or anything, i guess they are way too overprotective of me. But now that i am living alone, my mum has given me approval to have a boyfriend. BAM! just like that she said that out of no where. I was like ehhhhhhhhhhhh. She also said that i must get married before 30! 30 i tell you!!! This is not the old age mom!! 

Sighhhhhhhhh lol now the romance i get is off reading manga #otaku4life. lol 

I’m positive that out there, there’s gona be somebody for everyone including me. SO to those who are insecure about romances, don’t rush and enjoy life and all the fruits it throws at you….lol

Sorry for writing my rants out here.  😦



It made me feel better 🙂


Wonderland out 😀





  Image     hahaha best couple ever!!!